About Us

WGM Gas Company, Inc. History

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WGM has been a Western Pennsylvania natural gas producer and contractor for 30 years.  Our mission is to provide the best quality services to our clients and landowners with experienced, professional employees.  

WGM has leases located in Indiana and Armstrong Counties. With approximately 100 conventional gas wells, we provide natural gas to several large purchasers where it eventually makes it to the residential and commercial market. We are proud to have been working locally with landowners since 1989, while exploring a rich and viable energy source.

As a family business, the Houser’s employ locally in Indiana and Armstrong counties and continue to support their local communities in other ways such as giving donations, building partnerships with other local businesses, and purchasing local whenever possible.

Over the years the owners of WGM Gas Company, Inc., Walter Houser, Garry Houser, and Mark Houser, have not been strangers to entrepreneurship. Walter Houser began in the coal business back in the 1960’s, and with hard work and dedication grew just one piece of equipment into what would later be known as Walter L. Houser Coal Company, Inc. In 1989, the three ventured together into WGM Gas Company, Inc. and their 40+ years of experience has proven crucial in a growing and changing industry.

Since then, Walter has passed on the business to Garry and Mark, and with Garry’s children Jessica and Jeremy, they continue to serve their clients with quality work at affordable prices. They are three generations of a local family serving the local community since 1989.